Monday, August 6, 2007

Just doing routine things!

Location, Dorchester, WI

Sorry for the interruption to the blog but there has been little to post. We spend part of the day at my folks in Medford which is 11 miles from here. On Friday we went out for a fish dinner which is a Wisconsin tradition of course. Later we took my mother to the Taylor County Fair for an hour and looked at all the animals. It is not a big fair by any means but Friday was senior citizen day so we got in free.

On Saturday we attended the big family reunion at the park in Medford. This was for my mother’s side of the family. It was a nice day with overcast sky which was good as many people spent the afternoon outside. I connected with lots of my cousins who I rarely see and several of my aunts (mom’s sisters- all the uncles are deceased). Clyda and I traveled the farthest and my dad is the oldest at 94. The finale was of course the big meal at 5 PM. Lots of good food and deserts including yummy blueberry pie and ice cream. The main meat was brats and hotdogs. Plenty of home made pickles and salads and chips and dips. By the end we were all stuffed.

On Sunday I took my parents to church then came back to the RV and crashed. I think all of the long travel days caught up with me.

Today I hoed the garden and picked cucumbers and the first kohlrabi. We drove down town to shop for birthday cards and pick up some needed items at the Dollar Store.

That’s about it for now. We had planned to move to my sister’s farm on Thursday but found out my mothers cousin had passed away on Sunday so will wait to see when the funeral is before we move.