Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lawn mower repair

Location, Dorchester, WI

Our month in Medford is coming to a close. We still have some things to do before we leave. Yesterday we took down all the bedroom and kitchen curtains and washed them. Today we took down the living room drapes for dry cleaning but found out the cleaners in Medford is quitting business so they will be sent out for cleaning. It will be a week before they come back. We will be gone by then so someone else will need to re-hang them.

My brother Dennie called this morning and we are going to tackle the lawn mower problem. We purchased a new starter solenoid as the dealer thought that was the most likely problem. Of course, the solenoid is in a barely accessible place and used metric sized bolts. Before we removed the solenoid we tried the new one without mounting it. It didn’t work, so we reinstalled the wiring to the old solenoid. Next, we tried jumping the battery and had partial success in getting power to the solenoid. We removed the connections to the battery and cleaned and filed the terminals and “wallah”, it started. I guess we should have checked that first. So, tomorrow, I will pick up all the downed branches and dropped apples and mow.

We had a wind and rain storm yesterday afternoon. Winds were predicted for up to 70 MPH but didn’t really materialize here. We had brief winds and rain. North of here they did have violent winds with downed trees and damaged billboards in a narrow swath. We received about 1 ¼ inch of rain for the storm. The weather is supposed to be nice for the next week.