Thursday, January 29, 2015

Austin, TX

I'm tired today so a quick synopsis of the last few days.

We arrived in Fredericksburg without problems. The next morning we drove to Medina, the “apple Capitol of Texas” which is south of Kerrville for some Food Channel famous apple pie. They make the biggest or I should say tallest apple pies and ship them all over the country.

We bought 4 pieces of pie then had a picnic lunch under the trees.

Yesterday we drove from Fredericksburg to Austin, TX. We are camped at McKinney Falls State Park for 2 days. Yesterday we “vegged” in the warm 75 degree sun.

Today we drove to the LBJ Library which is on the edge of the University of Texas Campus. After touring the library we walked over to the Darrel Royal Football Stadium and caught the #20 bus to the capitol. We first went to the Capitol Grill for lunch then took a guided tour of the capitol. The legislature is in session so it was a busy place. Who knows who all we rubbed shoulders with or rode the elevators with today.

Door hinge.

We were going to tour the Bulluck State of Texas Museum which is a few short blocks North of the Capitol but by then all these senior citizens had had it for the day.

We did walk down to St Mary's Cathedral with it's large stained glass windows before catching the bus back to the LBJ Library.

We tool the bus today because there is no parking near the capitol for a dully ¾ ton pickup. Besides, parking is free at the LBJ Library. The bus cost $2.50 for seniors for 24 hours. Much cheaper than parking fees.