Saturday, January 24, 2015

Willcox, AZ.

This morning we were lazy.

About 10 AM we drove the 2 blocks to the Rex Allen Museum in Willcox because it was ccccccoooold. About 32 degrees when the sun came up. We had been here before but Budd and Brenda had not. It had been long enough ago that I had forgotten many of the things in the museum. They still hold Rex Allen days every year in October.

Myself, Budd and Brenda.

We then went 2 doors down and visited the Marty Robins Museum. This is a much smaller museum but still interesting. 

The two museums are separated by a wine shop, which wasn't open.

Budd and Brenda. 

We then got groceries and fuel and ate lunch before hooking up the rigs. I dumped the tanks and we left about 1:30 PM, we arrived in Deming about 4:30 PM. We had some wind from the East on the way which cut down on our mileage a little.

We again fueled up and plan to leave tomorrow about 8 AM for Balmorhea, TX. Another 300 plus mile day.