Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CES day 2.

Oh what a relief it is!

Two Aleve in the morning to combat the leg, hip, and foot pains and a pair of Merills on my feet instead of dress shoes made all the difference in comfort this day. No problem staying on my feet most of the day and also feeling much better at the end of the day.

Much accomplished today in getting some of my questions answered by Canon and Samsung.

Some really impressive displays that I will go back to for hopefully better photos.

I did stop at the Sony display and watched a rotating very, very thin TV which was less than the thickness of my index finger. I took several photos as it turned and edge on the TV is barely visible in the photo.

Curved TV's are also the rage this year. As I said to one Samsung representative, “I am always a decade behind the curve”. He laughed and said “Me too”.

I spent a half hour in the crush of people at the GoPro sports camera booth not realizing I was standing next to the owner/developer of the GoPro and everyone was trying to have their photo taken with him. I did not get my photo taken.

Tomorrow I am in the North Hall in the morning or all day if that is what it takes. Mostly automotive electronics I think.