Friday, January 23, 2015

Quartzsite and beyond.

We are out of Quartzsite.

The Big Tent Show was a bust as far as I am concerned. Very few things to do with RV's but lots of Pain Relief booths, pillow booths that no one should be without, yeah, and LED booths. How about a set of pots and pans that would require a 45 foot motor home with trailer to haul them all. I doubt if 1 in 5 women RV'ers even care to cook.

Doing the shuffle in the big tent.

One more sunset on Plamosa Road.

Lots of rocks as usual and rusty junk. We saw lots of that. That and high prices to boot. Still, there were lots of people. I overheard someone say that it was the biggest attendance since 2007. Who knows!

Clyda, Budd and Brenda arrived about 6 pm on Tuesday after a long drive from Bakersfield.

On Wednesday morning we went into the big tent and ambled along. About the only thing we collected were pamphlets and some maps.

About lunch time we connected with friends Tony and Joanne and decided lunch at Beer Belly's, the Adult Daycare Center, was perfect. We snagged two tables and all ordered hamburgers for lunch. Perfect place to sit and talk. After a couple of hours, Tony and Joanne went one way and us another. We hope to camp with them this summer.

Beer Belly's is an outdoor bar with music and food at the entrance to the Big Tent. It really collects a crowd.

On Thursday we shopped Greasewood Downs. More Rusty junk. I did buy a book for 50 cents. Big deal!

In the afternoon we drove to Bouse for cocktails and to visit Jack and Judy, John and Connie, Bill, and Gary. All are old friends who winter south of Bouse. Really nice to see everyone again.

This morning we left Plamosa Road about 8:20 and arrived at the Elks club in Wilcox, AZ at 4:10 PM. About 360 miles with mostly good road. The temperature is 51 degrees but expected to get to 18 degrees overnight. Chilly!

We ate dinner at the Elks Club. Good food and friendly people.