Friday, January 9, 2015

CES Day 4

CES is over for 2015.

Today was the last day.

I spent my morning looking at all the exhibit spaces in the Westgate Hotel ballrooms adjacent to the Convention Center. These spaces were all occupied by companies from China, Taiwan, and Korea. None of these are companies with any name recognition but rather are start-up companies hoping to find a niche market in the US.

I didn't see anything of interest except I did score a possible 2 GB thumb drive. I say possible, because I will not use this thumb drive until I check it out in on a computer not connected to the internet and not one that could infect my other computers if this drive is infected with a virus in any way. I will also reformat this drive before I use for the same reasons I explained above. Can't be too careful.

Because this is the last day of the show, many vendors are more generous with their give-aways and some even sell their products although this is frowned upon by the Consumer Electronics Association. Many vendors do sell because of the cost of shipping products back home so it is a good deal for vendor and buyer.

I stopped by the LG Electronics booth and saw this unique washer. It has a smaller load washer on the bottom. They also have a dryer that uses a heat pump instead of gas or electricity for drying. The heat is recirculated within the unit instead of exhausting it to the outside,

Final thoughts on this years show.

It was obvious that attendance was up from the 160,000 count from last year. Final figures will come later. Booth count was way up and 40,00 plus foreign visitors from 145 countries attended the show.

Bloomberg estimated that all the booths lined up end to end would be more than 2 miles long. I have no doubt about that figure as I walked some of those miles more than once.

3D printing still has a way to go. Mainly because it is so slow. However, certain Best Buy and Home Depot stores are selling 3D printers.

Curved TV screens seem like the wave of the future.

Most new embedded cameras in PC's will come with Intel's new “RealSense” feature which allows voice and hand gestures for commands. These functions were developed in conjunction with Food Network for use in their studios.

Get used to the term “The Internet of Everything” or IoT for short. It was everywhere at this years show and really means that everything is connected in some way using the Internet. Things like cars, houses, phones, music, and personal medical devices all connected.

We will spend another couple of days in Las Vegas decompressing and running errands before driving to Quartzsite on Monday.