Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day three at CES.

Day three is done.

I spent all morning in North Hall and as I expected, it was mostly Automotive electronics with some audio sound systems thrown in.

All the major world car makers have a presence at this show. It is quite a change from a few years ago when only a far thinking few showed up. There are all electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and even hydrogen powered vehicles. The hydrogen power by Toyota is still a few years away but the infrastructure is being put into place. By 2016 five Northeastern states will have hydrogen refueling stations.

Of course, the talk of the show and TV is the self driving cars by Audi and BMW. I see them driving around the show grounds and also on the nearby streets, Kind of weird to see the driver just sitting in his seat but not doing anything. 

Then there is the Chevrolet Corvette. It is the Z06 Stingray with 460 HP if you have the 7 speed manual transmission. Top speed is 190 mph. Quite a leap from my 1962 Vette.

Here are a few other vehicle oddities I saw. Are they cars or motorcycles? All have a single rear wheel.

How about a glass car? TRW Corporation built this to show all the internal workings they provide to the automotive industry. 

Again, it is hard to get a good photograph as the booth lighting is deliberately harsh to show off the cars.

Then there is this. I think it was a Jeep to begin with and then they added speakers, lots of speakers. Maybe it is Speaker powered, a new type of drive system.