Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Going to the Sun" highway

Location, West Glacier, MT

I short blog to let everyone know what we are doing.

On Sunday we camped at Jim and Mary’s RV Park in Missoula, MT. The majority of the group caught up with us here. It is a really great campground with wide grass spaces between each site. There were 5 rigs in all.

On Monday morning we all went to breakfast in downtown Missoula at the “Shack”. Great breakfast!

We then drove to West Glacier with one stop along the way to buy cherries at a roadside stand and for a potty break.

We arrived at SanSuzEd RV Park about 2 miles from the West Glacier entrance about 1 PM. Another couple had preceded us to here the day before so now we have 12 in the group.

Today we took the free shuttles from the transportation center to Logan Pass on the “Going to the Sun Highway”. This road only opened a few weeks ago because of the snow.

While at Logan Pass we saw 2 herds of Bighorn sheep. They were grazing on a hillside near the visitor center. After several hours we again rode the buses back down the mountain and stopped at McDonald Lodge for some refreshments. While there a small rain squall came up. We got a little damp while waiting for the shuttle bus.

We had wanted to charter a private tour because none of the offered tours went exactly where we wanted to go. I made the call for tour particulars and was quoted $1666 for 12 people for a nine hour tour. We decided that was a little steep so declined. By the way, the shuttle buses are free. Free is good!

The “going to the Sun Road” is spectacular. I plan to post some pictures later.