Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Routine day.

Location, Dorchester, WI

Only routine things for the last few days.

I finally had the propane tank filled. I had to go by the bulk propane store twice before I found someone there to help me. Small town businesses operate on their own schedule.

I also picked up the oil I need to get the oil changed in the truck tomorrow.

This morning I met and old high school buddy for breakfast. We both drove to Withee, WI, a half way point, and met at a local restaurant. An hour’s conversation caught us up on family, aches and pains, grandchildren, etc. During the conversation we realized that only 6 males remain from our high school graduating class. We have lost a lot of old school chums in the last few years. Only one female has died since we graduated.

At some time during each day we stop in Colby to see my mother. She enjoys an hour or so of conversation. They do keep them busy at assisted living but conversation is rather limited.