Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving east.

Location, Jamestown, ND

Note: I have added  a few photos to the August 18th entry.

A somewhat shorter drive today of 290 miles from Glendive, MT to Jamestown, ND.

We are camped at Frontier RV Park which is next to Frontier Village, a pseudo old western town with a statue of a buffalo claimed to be the biggest in the world. There are also wild buffalos nearby including an albino female.

The only point of interest is a cabin claimed to be the “writing cabin” of Louis L’Amour who is a native of Jamestown.

We also saw a statue of the world’s biggest Holstein cow.

Once we left Montana there weren’t as many hills on the highway so I could use the cruise control more. This helps my sciatic nerve in my right hip from flaring up. Of course we crossed into Central Daylight Time so we lost an hour. It just means I can go to bed an hour earlier.

Clyda tried to get a photo of all the hay bales in the fields along the highway. This is the best she could do.

My GPS quit after we arrived here. I turned it off when we arrived and attempted to turn it on later when we drove into town but it is dead. I sent Magellan an email asking for help. We’ll see what happens. Heavens, I may need to refer to paper maps for the rest of the trip!