Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving day.

Location, St Mary, MT

Today we moved to the east side of Glacier National Park to the town of St Mary. Not much of a town really but it is the east entrance to the park and “Going to the Sun” road.

On the road to St Mary with Glacier National Park mountains in the distance.

While driving between Essex and Browning we came upon 2 cars pulled off of the road, sort of. As we pulled out to pass we noticed that one of the drivers had a camera pointed out of his window toward the left side of the road. At first I didn’t see what he was shooting” but as I glance upward I saw a grizzly bear on the ridge above the road eating grass. It defiantly was a grizzly even though a few of us saw it.

Stopped in Browning n the way to St Mary.

We planned to go on a tour on one of the neat Red Car’s on Wednesday and go to Waterton-Glacier National Park in Canada however all seats were booked for both Tuesday and Wednesday. So, I guess, no Red Car tour this time. Too bad as it really would have been neat.

So, instead we drove the “Going to the Sun road” part way today and looked at all the water falls and stopped at an overlook to see the Jackson Glacier. It is the only glacier visible from any of the roads in the Park. Of the original 130 glaciers in the park, only 25 still remain. It is estimated that all glaciers will be gone within 10 years. I am glad we did the trip this year.

Sun Rift Gorge in the background.
Jackson Glacier, the ony glacier visible from a road.

We do plan to drive to Wateron-Glacier National Park in Canada tomorrow. It is only 20 miles to the border from here and about an hour into the main part of the part.