Saturday, August 27, 2011


Location, Dorchester, WI

The last four days have gone by rather quickly.

On Wednesday we had a Care Conference for my father with the staff of the nursing home where he is. We got a report from each person who interfaces with Pa. Very professional.

His weight is up some but not terribly. They would like to keep his weight down as it is easier for 2 people to handle him. He is comfortable and well taken care of. The hardest part is his speech which is more of a mumble now. It is related to his dementia. He recognizes no on.

Ma on the other hand is doing as well as can be expected. She was in the hospital recently because she couldn’t get any air even with the oxygen she is on. That took a lot out of her. Just getting up to go to the bathroom tires her out. Between her lungs and her heart problems, one or the other will just give out one day.

We try to visit her each day although tomorrow we are going to the Steam and tractor Show at Edgar which is west of Wausau. We have been there before. Still fun to see all the old steam operated equipment and the refurbished tractors.

We have also connected with old school friends who live here. Went out to dinner last night with them and then played cards and games until 11:30 PM.

I need to get a bottle of propane filled but so far haven’t found anyplace to do that. Also, need to get the oil changed in the truck. Still looking for the kind of oil I use. Everything was closed this afternoon. Not used to that in California.