Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today was a hiking day.

Location, West Glacier, MT

Today was a hiking day. We drove into the park and hiked to John’s Lake which is not a long hike. Also not a big lake but it did have water lilies which were just starting to open. Hiking past the lake we came back to the road and a nice waterfall. We returned to the truck via a trail beside the river.

We drove back to McDonald Lodge and ate lunch at a nearby picnic table. It was decided that we do another short hike from the Fish Creek Campground on the south end Lake McDonald. We parked the truck in the same place we had parked it when the bike riders rode from Polebridge.

The trail went past the campground and eventually ended up at a place called Rocky Point on McDonald Lake. Some of us (me) didn’t want to retrace our steps but opted for the direct trail along the shoreline back to the campground (shorter).

The trail was shorter but we ended up in the campground and couldn’t find the trail back to the truck. We had to walk all through the campground and out the entrance gate then up a dirt road for several hundred feet before we got back to the truck. Real bummer!

However, I did the driving today and drove a brand new Chevrolet 2500 P/U with all the towing bells and whistles on it belonging to one of the couples. Nice truck! Can’t imagine what it cost.

While sitting around our trailers just before dinner, someone yelled “bear” and a very large black bear went running through the campground. The owners said they hadn’t seen a bear in the campground in three years.