Monday, August 22, 2011

Traveling through Minnesota.

Location, St Cloud, MN

We are in St Cloud, Minnesota at the St Cloud RV Park which is east of town. It is a really nice RV Park in a park like setting. Wish we were going to be here more than one night.

Most of the RV Parks we have stayed at since we headed east have lots of workers living in them. Further west there were combine crews harvesting wheat, in North Dakota there were oil field workers and highway crews working on the interstate. Here, there is a painting crew whose expertise is spray painting. What they paint is anybody’s guess.

Corn field, our view out the window for most of the day.

So far the weather has been great with temps in the 80’s and no rain. That may be about to change overnight as the sky to the west was dark late this afternoon.

We are going to take secondary roads from St Cloud to Wisconsin tomorrow as I don’t want to travel through Minneapolis. We will travel on some interstate highways after we get to Wisconsin.