Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shortest RV trip so far.

Location, Arco, ID

A very short drive today of only eighteen miles. Just my kind of day.

We are at Mountain View RV Park in Arco, ID a town named after Georg Arco, a German who later founded Telefunkin a large manufacturing organization.

Our whole purpose in stopping here was to see the EBR-I facility 18 miles south of here. The Experimental Breeder Reactor, EBR-I was the first Nuclear breeder reactor in the United States to produce electricity. It also proved that a nuclear reactor could operate without a large cooling facility and without producing a lot of spent fuel which needed to be stored for thousands of years. Why it wasn’t used for our present nuclear plants remains a mystery to me. Possibly politics played a part in the decision to abandon the project. It is now run by the National Park Service. Admission is free.

It was a very interesting tour. Self guided I might add.

The RV park has a small diner in the registration building. Included in the campground fee is a free breakfast. We will try it tomorrow. They also serve dinner so we had hamburgers there tonight.

Just before we left for dinner I heard a noise at the back of the RV. It sounded suspiciously like a mouse in one of my “sticky” traps. After dinner I pulled the bottom cupboard drawer and sure enough, there was a mouse in one of the traps. I disposed of him forthwith and set one of the old fashion traps as well.

I still can’t figure where the little bas….s get in.