Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh Canada! and Bears, Bears, Bears!!

Location, Great Falls, MT

Yesterday we all got out of bed early for a day in Waterton-Glacier National Park in Canada. We had two vehicles for the 10 of us. After a short drive, we crossed the border into Canada without problems.

On the way to the park headquarters we saw cars parked along the road. They were watching a black bear feeding behind some bushes a couple hundred yards away. Shortly after we stopped the bear ambled over the ridge.

We drove to the Village and walked around looking at the shops which were just opening. We took pictures of the flower gardens which were protected from the deer with tall wire fences.

We next stopped at the Prince of Wales Hotel. This is an impressive building built in the early 1900’s. We then drove to the end of the road at Red Rock and had a light lunch which we brought with us. After lunch we walked along the Red Rock canyon which is cut in the native rock.

Relaxing in luxury at the Prince of Wales Hotel.

On the way back to the village we stopped at several lookout spots to check out the impressive scenery.

Again we stopped as cars were parked along the road while a mother black bear and 2 cubs crossed the road. We got some great photos. We also saw 2 other bears grazing along the ridge as we drove by. These were browner looking but still considered black bears.

As we left the park I saw a large black bear crossing the river but he was too far away for photos.

We again crossed back through the border and drove to Many Glaciers Canyon north of St Mary. We all decided that ice cream was in order so we stopped at a small shop at roads end. When we got out of the trucks, a ranger had a large pair of binoculars pointed up the mountain which he was using to track two mountain goats grazing on the hill side. We all got a look at them through the binoculars. They were visible to the naked eye, just barely.

Today, we went our separate ways. One couple drove back to Canada this morning to visit Banff and Lake Louise for a few days, three couples headed west to Washington, while Clyda and I drove east to Cutbank, MT then south to Great Falls, MT. Cutbank is the coldest place in the USA most winter days.

We are staying at Dick’s RV Park for 2 days. Fortunately I called them while we were on the road for a reservation. I think they are full tonight. Lots of combine crews in the park as it is full on wheat harvest time in Montana.

This afternoon was laundry time a dreaded chore at anytime.

Something I haven’t mentioned, the weather around Glacier National Park. For the first week while we were at West Glacier the weather was beautiful with warm days and nights. When we moved to the east side at St Mary it was cooler with lots of wind and the wind has continued to blow. Just part of Montana!