Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salmon, ID.

Location, Salmon, ID

After our FREE Campers breakfast of pancakes and eggs, we got the rig ready to roll. Our route was up Hwy 93, the Lost Valley to Salmon, ID.

While chatting with the hostess at the restaurant this morning it was mentioned that there was still hail piled up behind the school in Arco from the storm on Monday. The hail was not large but really came down. It was a foot deep where it came off the roofs. Mud came down the nearby mountains and covered the streets. Most of the mud has been cleaned up.

The route climbs somewhat but not excessively. It is very twisty and turny as it follows the Snake River. It is a really beautiful drive but you need to keep your eye on the road.
Just south of Salmon is Lemhi Pass where Lewis and Clark crossed the Continental Divide. Salmon was the home of Sacagawea who had lived here as a young girl before being kidnapped and taken east to Mandan, ND to live.

We are here for three days at Buddy’s RV Park which is right on the Salmon River. There is another park right next door which looks better and one across the river which would have been nice also. So it goes.

We had a lot of clouds today which kept the temperature down.