Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Farming near Lynden

Location, Lynden, WA

Lynden is farming country. If you didn’t know that before you came here, you sure do while you are here. Especially after some farmer pumps his manure pit. There are small farms, there are big farms, there a berry farms, and there are dairy farms. Large dairy farms which milk several hundred cows each provide the majority of the milk for the Darigold plant in Lynden. This plant makes powdered milk and is supplied by double tanker trucks day and night.

Right now the raspberries are in season and pickers are busy as I detailed in the journal on Sunday. Raspberries are a very large cash crop for this area. Blue berries are also in season and they are also a valuable cash crop but are not as widely grown as raspberries.

Potatoes are also grown here as a cash crop. The potatoes are just beginning to bloom and each field may have a different color bloom from white to light lavender.

The farms around Lynden look much like farms in any state in the mid west. There a silos and barns and stacks of baled hay. None of the farms seem very large.

The town of Lynden is very neat. It may be from the Dutch heritage. It is very refreshing to drive through it.