Monday, July 2, 2007

Peach Beach, Washington

Location, Maryhill, WA

We are at Peach Beach Campground on the Columbia River. It is called Peach Beach because of the peach orchards adjacent to the park. This is one of our favorite parks and we were very lucky to get a spot for overnight. Most of the sites are reserved for the 4th of July week and as it got later in the day, the campers rolled in. Maryhill State Park is adjacent to Peach Beach Campground and by late afternoon it was also full. Both parks are heavily used by the windsurfers here in the Columbia Gorge.

Rainier cherries

Another great attraction for us is the produce stand at the entrance to the park. We walked up and bought all kinds of fresh fruit and berries. We bought Rainier and bing cherries also a Walla-walla onion to shish-ka-bob with green peppers and zucchini to go with our BBQ’d pork loin chop for dinner. Walla-walla’s are very sweet, especially when roasted. The produce and fruit is grown on the property near the produce stand. The pickers were out picking apricots this afternoon. They are really good. Much better than the store bought kind.

Our drive from Bend to Maryhill was only about 140 miles but took us almost 4 hours because of the hills we climbed. Hwy 97 is a good road but some long grades in places. There is one of almost 5 miles in length. Our average speed was not very high but I figured that helps with the mileage.

We had a nice view of Mt Rainier from Hwy 97.

Did I mention the trains that go through every 15 minutes on the Washington side of the river? They are noisy but blend into the background after a while.