Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping Day

Location, Lynden, WA

After my morning walk we drove into Candi’s to start some laundry. About 10:30 Dawn came home from caring for some dogs at the Vet clinic she works part time at and we took her car into Bellingham to have the AC looked at. It had quit working and of course with the heat last week would have been nice to have. We dropped the car off around noon and then stopped at a mall so Dawn and Clyda could pick up some scrap booking materials.

We had lunch at Panda Express and then drove to Michaels in the Costco center for more materials while I checked out some bargains at Best Buy. I had been looking for a 2 G Compact Disk card for my camera but Best Buy doesn’t stock them anymore. Outdated technology I guess. I next checked at Costco and they did have the card but it seemed a little pricey to me so I will hold off buying it for now. I don’t really need it anyway as I download my photos fairly often.

We drove to the Bellis Fair Mall and went to the Verizon store to have Clyda’s phone checked. We both purchased new phones before we left on this trip and in a marginal cell area, Clyda’s phone will not work while mine will. Also, her battery doesn’t last very long. The salesman looked at it and after consulting with a technician said they would replace it.

We bought the phone in California at a Verizon store and they will replace it here in Washington. (Blatant promo coming) How much better can it get? Verizon came through again. That’s what I call superior service. It’s the kind of service you wish all companies would do.

We drove back to check on Dawn’s car and the news was not good. The evaporator was leaking and needed replacing to the tune of $289 plus fluid, plus a new belt, plus labor. It ended up being about a $500 bill. We said, “Thanks, but we will just take the car”. It still cost 130 plus dollars for the service today. Thank the EPA for that. They have to hook the car up to a closed cycle machine for 1.5 hours at $80 an hour to check the AC. Real Bummer.