Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hot! and Hotter!!!

Location, Indian Head, SK

It was already hot by the time we left Ross Creek Campground at 8:15 this morning. We heard later on the radio that records were set locally yesterday.

East bound Trans Canada Hwy 1 in Saskatchewan is the pits. It is rough, poorly patched, and worthy of a third world country. I thought California had some bad roads but this beats anything we have driven on. Especially for a major highway system. Only near major cities is it in better condition. Our speed has dropped because of the roughness of the road.

I decided we would stop at a McDonalds for lunch today in Moose Jaw, SK. We parked at Wal-Mart which had the only McDonalds in town and had lunch. After lunch we did some shopping for groceries and walked back to the trailer where we discovered a flat driver side rear tire on the truck. I got out my tools and found that the knurled knob holding the jack in was stripped so I used a bottle jack instead. At full extension I had a hard time getting the spare tire on but finally managed it. Of course, I did all of this having put on clean cloths this morning which were now filthy from crawling around on the blacktop in 96 degree heat. When we were ready to go, I decided to check with the Wal-Mart tire shop about repairing the flat. So, a couple of hours later, and a new valve stem, we were back on the road. I am not sure why the stem failed but I will check it in the morning before we leave.

We pulled into the KOA in Indian Head east of Regina about 5 PM. Of course, it is near the train tracks.