Monday, July 9, 2007


Location, Lynden, WA

We got a late start this morning after getting to bed around 1 AM this morning. I went to church at 11 AM then had a light lunch before going over to Mark and Candi’s around 2 PM.

Saturday afternoon I received a phone call from friend Gary in the Bay area. He had just bought a GPS unit from Costco for a very reasonable price. Mark and I decided we needed to check it out so drove in to Bellingham and looked at the units. They are Magellan 2200T’s priced at $219.99. On-line at Magellan, these units sell for $399.99 each. They come with maps loaded for the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico and are voice command turn by turn instructions. We each bought one and spent the rest of the afternoon reading documentation and playing with the units. My only concern so far is entering trip data. It seems like a manual process.

For dinner tonight, Mark smoked two salmon filets. They really were good! Dawn and Matt were here for dinner also so we quizzed Matt more about driving and operational aspects of a Sprint car. Very interesting!