Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Location, Lynden, WA

Happy Birthday America!!!

Our day actually started off kind of lazy. After a quick breakfast I drove into Lynden and washed the truck at a car wash. Well, sort of washed it, as car washes use recycled water and it never gets really clean. However, the dust, dirt, and pine tree pollen from Mammoth are gone.

I did some computer stuff after a frustrating hour trying to log into the Wi-fi at the campground. I finally came to the conclusion that the modem wasn’t putting out an IP address so walked to the office and asked them to reboot the modem. She readily agreed and while that was happening another person came in to say he couldn’t get Wi-fi either. It made me feel good that I wasn’t the only one. So, back to the trailer and on to the net.

We have been invited to a 4th of July BBQ at friends in White Rock City, BC. These are friends we have camped with in Arizona. We last saw them in February of this year at Senator Wash north of Yuma, AZ. About 2 PM we left for the border crossing north of Lynden at Aldergrove. There was only one car ahead of us at Canadian Customs. After looking at our passports and a few questions, we were on our way. We took an immediate left after the border station and drove 0 Ave to White Rock City. This road is right on the Canadian side of the US/Canadian border.

0 Ave on the Candian side of the border. The actual border is next to the ditch on the left.

Monument marking the border. No fence!!!!

We easily found our host Wayne and Lynn’s house with the help of Microsoft Streets and Trips of course and by circling the neighborhood once. Visiting his sister Lynn were our ex-neighbors John and his wife Bonnie, and to our surprise and pleasure, their son David and family. Also there were Lynn’s sister, Lynn’s mother and Lynn’s grandson. Our ex-neighbors Bill and Connie and dog Fred had driven up from Fidalgo Bay for the day. See their Blog at It was a great afternoon of stories, trip plans, and good food. Thanks to Wayne for doing all the BBQ’ing and the ladies for all the food, especially the cheese cake for desert.

We left around 9 PM and retraced our route back to Lynden. There were lots of people in White Rock City so traffic was heavy. Clyda took pictures as best she could from the moving truck. She got a few great ones with Mt Baker in the background.

Our return through US customs was easy as only 5 cars were in line. They scanned our passports, asked us a few questions and sent us on our way.

We watched the fireworks from Seattle on TV and listened to all the local fireworks around us. It quieted down well before midnight. All-in-all, a great 4th of July.