Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lake Louise Day 2

Location, Lake Louise, AB

It is cold this morning!! Only about 43 degrees at 8 AM. We are packing our breakfast and lunch and driving up to Lake Louise before the crowds get there. We will get a few quick pictures and then eat breakfast and take a hike.

Beautiful!!! It is 8:30 and only a few people are around. We get our pictures then walk back to the truck for a quick breakfast, repack the food and water into the backpack and we are off. There is a very nice wide level hiking trail around the right side of the lake for about 2 Km. If we are so inclined, there is a continuation which climbs up for another 5.5 km to the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse.

We stop often for photos looking back at the lodge and the ever changing wall of rock and ice ahead of us. By now, the trail is full of people hiking in the same direction. We make good time to the end of the lake but slow down on the uphill which continues to the Tea House. We finally decide that we have gone far enough and turn back. We have traveled about 3.5 km one way and still need to retrace our path.

Walking at a leisurely pace, we return to the lodge about 11:30 and immediately look for a restroom. There are none on the trail by the way. The lobby of the Fairmont Lake Louise Lodge is quit nice and of course, full of people. We find the Café and have a scone with Chai tea.

Look at all the people now!! They come by the bus load.

After a picnic lunch below the lodge, we drive back to the RV. It is a very nice warm day by now so we read for a few hours.

Around 6 PM we drive up to Moraine Lake. We did not attempt this during the day because of the hoards of people and the road is being repaved. At this time of day the paving has stopped and the traffic is all coming down from the lake.
We have no problem finding a parking place.

We take pictures and walk for about .5 km along the lake. We are at a much higher altitude than Lake Louise. Eventually we drive back to camp.