Saturday, July 21, 2007

More rain!

Location, Lynden, WA

I have been concerned about the number of hits on this blog. The counter numbers seem high but then again maybe there are more readers than I expected. I do know that the number of personal emails have dropped off since I started the blog. I guess everyone is able to keep up with our travels through the blog without emailing us. That’s good and bad as we sometimes feel disconnected when we don’t hear from anyone. I’m not complaining, just curious I guess.

Rain again all day. We had planned to spend the afternoon in La Conner prowling through antique shops, etc, but decided with all the rain that it wouldn’t be a lot of fun. We went to dinner in Everson last night at a very good German restaurant. Excellent food! They also serve very good steaks.

We finished up the day looking at pictures from last Christmas and swapping a few pictures between PC’s.